Ideal Weight program

Achieving an ideal weight can be challenging and sometimes frustrating. To help understand your body composition, I use Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) screening tool. This gives a lot more accurate and detail information than the scale. The following information is very useful in the treatment of weight loss;

The Program

I use BIA screening to find out your body composition and then tailor your diet. The diet will consist of a variety of nutritious foods you will enjoy eating and at the same time allowing fat burning.

My  weight management strategy consists investigating and treating  other trigger factors  to weight like stress, toxicity (Digestion, Gut, Liver), Inflammation, Thyroid, Hormonal, appetite etc.

I discuss you exercise plan and lifestyle changes if necessary. I monitor the progress using BIA.

What will I receive?

“The time for action is now. It's never too late to do something.” – Carl Sandburg